Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vos maneuver could give corporations more WI groundwater

While Wisconsin is abusing, over pumping and contaminating our groundwater, the Legislature's GOP Assembly Leader Robin Vos - - a leading Wisconsin corporate water-carrier - - is seeking an opinion from GOP Attorney General and fellow corporate water-carrier Brad Schimel that could turn over more groundwater to corporate control and away from public oversight:
Since taking over state government in 2011, Republicans have made significant changes to natural resources laws, but they have failed to remove obstacles for frac sand mines, farms and food processors that want to dig more wells able to draw 100,000 gallons of water a day.
And big business hasn't been shy about its demands, noted in October:
A pretty stunning memo was sent last week by multiple trade groups and corporate special interests to the State Legislature in advance of today's hearing about the fast-tracked Wisconsin water giveaway bill I wrote about yesterday that puts groundwater and downstream users' access in private hand
Here is the full text of the Vos request.

AG opinions do not carry the force of law, but they can influence legislation and public opinion - - and elected officials usually do not ask for these kinds of opinions unless they are confident of the outcome.

Remember - - the State Constitution says the waters of Wisconsin belong to everyone and the DNR is obligated to put the public's rights first.


Anonymous said...

Yup Vos is looking to take control of Wisconsin's water resources and he through the legislature will call the shots giving the GOP corporate and individual donors full access to using and abusing our invaluable water resources.

Anonymous said...

As I began to read the "full letter" of Vos, I realized he could not have written all that by himself stating all the statutes that may/may not apply... so which lobby group, which donor lawyer, which foundation, which think tank, which ALEC type group wrote that for him?? We have totally unqualified people in our state house that do NOTHING but copy words from donors or potential donors!