Saturday, May 14, 2016

Profs rebut, fact-check Walker - - who couldn't care less

[Updated with a new Walker whopper Friday, 5/13 and another update Saturday, 5/14  Read on...] 

This excellent critique of Scott Walker's know-nothing, out-of-bounds and grossly ideologically attack on UW faculty, the teaching profession and our public universities' legacies would rattle most people if their statements and motives had been exposed as thoroughly shallow and deceitful - - but years of Scott Walker manipulations and distortions, and false narratives from justifying Act 10 to demolishing the Wisconsin Idea to requiring Voter photo ID to failing at job growth to mandating drug tests for the unemployed and poor to verbalizing two-faced presidential campaign plans to repeatedly making less-than-truthful, flat-out false and pants-on-fire dishonest statement-after-statement documented by PolitiFact on a range of issues prove that Walker has no interest in or dedication to facts.

He is consumed only by career opportunism.

And winning the next election - - for donors and holding power - - as their puppet and proxy.

In other words, in Walkerspeak, so what if the UW system is eroding as a direct result of his policies, with national media watching?

The End of Research in Wisconsin
And if Walker reads a subsequent piece by yet another UW professor who is resigning and moving from her liberal arts faculty position and the UW flagship school in liberal Madison - - he'll no doubt say, 'mission accomplished.' 

After all, the far right has been forever angry at the UW Madison over its liberal reputation, and its key position within the city, so now they are in a position to weaken both the university and the city, and are doing so systematically.

[Update] And less than two hours after I posted this site,, PolitiFact weighed in against a Walker attack on the UW system and UW-M in particular with a harsh, "Pants-on-Fire" finding:
Charging that the ratio of students to faculty at UW-Milwaukee is shrinking, Walker said the school has "2.8 students per faculty" member, "tied for second-lowest in its history since 1994." 
But Walker cited the wrong statistic. 
In fact, UW-Milwaukee has 29 students for every professor, associate professor and assistant professor -- and that ratio has been growing, not shrinking, since 1994.
For a statement that is false and ridiculous, our rating is Pants on Fire.
And Saturday:

Leaving UW: Reduced funding, politics force fond faculty to say farewell


Anonymous said...

He is a pathological liar who is incapable of discerning truth from falsehood because he cares nothing for truth or fact. He will say anything regardless of its basis in fact to support a position he chooses to enforce. Hopefully the John Doe case will be accepted by the U S Supreme Court as it appears that Walker and Prosser and Gableman were illegally coordinating their campaigns with outside funding groups in violation of both Wisconsin and federal law! In this regard Walker might be unable to throw someone under the bus or pay for someone to take the fall for him. Wisconsin deserves to see him in prison orange for the destruction that he Vos and Fitzgerald have done to this state!

Humanities_excite said...

What about a Class Action Suit by the taxpayers of Wisconsin?

Sue said...

I'm curious - the link you had for the UWM rebuttal was from CapTimes. Anything in the J-S? I didn't see anything online but might have missed it.

Anonymous said...

Bwah ha ha ha!

Politifact has always find Scotty a sociopathic liar, so Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses him year after year!

That's all you need to know about Wisconsin media!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually, Politi-"fact" has usually done numerous twists to claim Walker isn't a flat-out liar. For THEM to give Scotty the "pants-on-fire" tells you how far overboard this guy went

my5cents said...

He's a puppet and has honed his lying skills to that of master. If he had a brain, he would really be dangerous, but since he's the Koch and ALEC puppet, he doesn't need a brain. He just does as they tell him to do and keeps on selling his brand to the sheep who keep him in office. If you could wake up the sheep, he might lose his power. I think we all forget about his puppet status and think he's the one dreaming up all of the things he's doing. But it's not him. He is the vessel through which they get everything they want. In the end, those tax incentives for business will kill their businesses because not enough people will be able to afford to buy their product or service. Then they lose and everyone loses. These policies are a downward economic spiral that will hurt everyone. Remember, above all else, the goal is to privatize everything in government so business can make more profit off the people. Once everything possible is privatized he will proclaim that he shrunk the government, but it will be at the expense and the voice of the people. For the past 4 years the main goal has been to take away local control and silence them. That control is either taken over by the state or given to the private sector. In either case, the people lose.