Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wiley's firing dredges up 'failed' Walker campaign

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump fired his political director Rick Wiley after a mere six weeks on the job, which put Scott Walker and a negative brand back in the news:

*   NBC News:

Wiley was the former campaign manager for the failed Scott Walker campaign.
*  US News & World Report:
Before joining Trump, Wiley was the manager of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's failed presidential campaign. 
Walker folded his campaign after just 71 days, having overspent his fundraising while collapsing in the polls.
*  USA Today:
Wiley is the former executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party and he ran Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's  ill-fated presidential campaign. Many pundits blamed Wiley for Walker's quick exit from the nomination battle after the campaign hired a massive campaign staff and quickly burned through its funds.
*  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, with a USA Today byline:
Veteran Republican political operative Rick Wiley, who ran Scott Walker's ill-fated presidential campaign and was then hired as Donald Trump's national political director in April, is already being shown the door by the Trump campaign.
The Daily Mail
Wiley joined the campaign just six weeks ago, having managed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's failed presidential campaign.


Anonymous said...

So I would say Trump doesn't want to be tied to a double failure... Walker himself and now his ex-campaign manager. So I'd say Scottie's hope for a seat on a national ticket just went south. And Trumps plan (assuming he has one) doesn't envision needing Wisconsin to win the White House. Damn! that means Scottie will be looking at running for a third term in Wisconsin. Or maybe Trump would make him Secretary of Labor... oh wait the 250,000 promised jobs didn't work out... not labor. How about Transportation... oh wait he killed the $810 million dollar rail project... not Transportation. Health and Human Service... no failed there to. Scottie better hope there is a Secretary of Koch... no they are probably done with him too. Oh well lobbying for the pig industry or polluters is all that's left.

Peter Felknor said...

But Anon, as usual, that means that he'll just take it out on poor old Wisconsin.

Unless the Feds get him on John Doe first.