Friday, August 28, 2015

Sheriff who bailed on Obama protection has new security 'idea'

Remember when Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. pulled his deputies from their share of presidential motorcade protection duty to make some sort of statement about his county budget?

Well, Clarke has another idea about presidential protection, and no, this is not a headline and story from The Onion:
Milwaukee County Sheriff Challenges Obama: 'Forego Your Secret Service Protection'
I don't deny that there are serious crime and violence issues in Milwaukee, and elsewhere, and Clarke isn't the only law enforcement official who's ever had a beef with other officials who put together the budget, but I don't see his ''ideas' adding much to solutions. 

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Anonymous said...

Why not include our dear leader, Guv scottie, in the request. Dollars from the state will flow more quickly to the county than from the feds. Also, don't we have a fresh $81million to throw around?