Monday, August 24, 2015

Signs point to Brookfield on The Road to Sprawlville, Chapter 62

The latest chapter in our continuing series "The Road to Sprawlville" underscores what former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist said during his slide show about development years ago: it's getting harder to see brooks and fields in Brookfield, where the city is being called out for conferring "flexibility" on some developments in an already busy corridor.

This time, reports, people are complaining that some developments along Calhoun Rd., I-94 and Bluemound Rd. are allowed to erect obtrusive, extra tall "monument signs" at their entrances.

There have been other Brookfield stops in the Sprawlville blog series, like this one, and if you're looking for a bigger context, this site and illustration isn't so far away.

"The Road to Sprawlville" doesn't have its own signature graphic, but I've always liked this one if we're talking about I-94 and signs of the times. That's "Miss Concrete" and "Miss Asphalt" posed with a rather homogeneous brace of Waukesha movers-and-shakers.

I-94 Ribbon Cutting Waukesha 1958

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Anonymous said...

Attention to Calhoun Road can distract from a bigger mess abuilding for Barker Road, already at the most poorly designed I-94 interchange and with the most accidents, as it becomes increasingly overwhelmed with the new Corners mall and more. That two-lane road needed to be widened as part of infrastructure preparation before this sprawl, but the Town of Brookfield -- where there still are brooks and fields as well as marshes crucial to the ecosystem -- is far less equipped than the City of Brookfield to cope with developers. And as usual in Waukesha County, the developers know it and took advantage of it.