Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donald Trump is Scott Walker's Enabler-in-Chief

[Updated] You would think that Fox debate moderator Megyn Kelly's dig at Scott Walker Thursday night that his unyielding opposition to abortion could let women with life-threatening pregnancies die would be the debate's signature moment, but Donald Trump's ugly treatment of Kelly that night and later is now the debate story.

Similarly lost, but to Walker's benefit: the impact of panelist Chris Wallace's question about why people should believe Walker's promise to create jobs nationally when he managed to add only about half the 250,000 new jobs Walker had promised to create in Wisconsin.

Post-debate reporting dutifully quotes the answer/non-answer which Wallace got - - that Walker had "aimed high."

If anyone were interested in vetting Walker's debate answers could easily find this independent University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee report from late 2014 based on federal data Walker has touted - - and which I have noted on this blog - - that showed job-creation which has occurred in Wisconsin since Walker took over is exclusively in low-income wage positions  - - and worse - -  that cannot support a family.

According to the report:
...between 2010-2013, employment continued to decline in both middle and high wage occupations in Wisconsin; all of the net job growth between 2010-2013 occurred in low wage occupations. More troubling still: over 60 percent of the 2010-2013 growth of employment in low-wage occupations in Wisconsin occurred in very low-wage occupations – those with median hourly wages below $10.00 (in inflation-adjusted 2013 dollars).  
Put together with Walker's refusal to accept $550 million in federal health-care funding for low-income citizens, and his unwillingness to raise the minimum wage in Wisconsin above the rock-bottom hourly rate of $7.25 which his new budget just redefined as "livable," the outcome of Walker's tenure is a deep reinforcement of dangerous living conditions for thousands of state citizens.

This is a preacher's son "aiming high"?

But all we hear is Trump, Trump, Trump - - when facts - - on truth-telling, abortion, pre-emption of local control, voting rights, jobs, health care, the environment and more - - completely trump Walker's credibility.

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Can you somehow on this blog enlighten the people of Wisconsin to sign the petition to reopen the John Doe investigation? I have been posting this info as often as possible and would appreciate it if you would too.