Saturday, August 8, 2015

Boutique I-43 interchange open only for PGA tournament

For a few days next week, the special-interest interstate interchange near Kohler, Wisconsin to deliver fans to a major US golf tournament will be open.

Then the gates come back down. Those are your tax dollars in Potholandia at work, Bucky.

And you wonder if big-Walker donor Herb Kohler, Jr will win permission to build yet another high-end golf course not far away, this time including several acres of state park land and the use of a park access road?

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Anonymous said...


jsonline is now catapulting the propaganda that it is a "False Choice" to even ask Scott Walker if abortion should be illegal when a mother's life is threatened by carrying the child to term.

This is a patently false talking point and MJS is repeating Walker's lies that it was unfair to even ask this question at the debate. Walker may utter these falsehoods, but none are propaganda until the media sanitizes and catapults the lies. When you consider that Walker is nothing without his in-state media BFF, it becomes clear: No one benefits from Nazi-style propaganda campaigns more than Wisconsin's self-proclaimed divide-and-conquer governor.