Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Barrett asks DNR to reject Waukesha diversion bid

[Updated from 2:18 p.m.] Mayor Barrett urged the DNR at today's hearing on Waukesha's application for a Great Lakes diversion to send the application back so it can comport with the Great Lakes Compact and take new information into consideration.

County Executive Chris Abele echoed Barrett's remarks and also cited the diversion's financial and environmental costs.

Ald. Bob Bauman weighed in strongly, criticizing Waukesha's proposed water service area ticketed to receive piped diverted water beyond its borders - - as Barrett had also noted.

Here is some history about that expanded water service territory, or as I call it, water for sprawl.

I live-blogged the hearing. See The Political Environment for about a half-dozen additional posts from the hearing, and several more from the DNR's hearing in Waukesha Monday, plus posts with links as background leading up to the hearings.

Waukesha's insistence that diverted water also be sent to its neighboring communities which never asked for it ended Milwaukee's possible role as Waukesha's Great Lakes supplier.

The City of Oak Creek said it would sell Waukesha the water, so Waukesha has amended its application listing Oak Creek as the supplier, though Oak Creek is farther from Waukesha than is Milwaukee, adding increased infrastructure and pumping costs to the diversion plan's price tag.

Former DNR Secretary George Meyer has pointed out that a new study shows a local Waukesha solution could solve the city's supply needs at a much reduced cost.

Meyer, now the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. spoke at the DNR's hearings on Monday and Tuesday, and was to attend the third and final DNR hearing Tuesday night in Racine.

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