Saturday, August 29, 2015

Amazing water news

Pure, ancient water has been found beneath Wind Cave National Park in Western South Dakota. We had the cave tour a few years ago, unaware, of course, that this unique water source deep below the caves was yielding some secrets:
WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK — Hundreds of feet beneath the Black Hills, a team of scientists and researchers snake through dark, narrow and silent corridors of ancient rock to reach their goal: what is thought to be some of the purest water on Earth. 
The crew of National Park Service scientists that’s anchored by microbiologist Hazel Barton travels sporadically to the lowest reaches of South Dakota’s Wind Cave National Park to study a series of underground lakes, which were discovered in the 1960s and aren’t home to any animal life or even easily detectable microscopic organisms.
Again underscoring the heart of this blog, which is that all water is precious, and needs respect, because, basically, it's all connected, as we are, too.

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