Friday, August 14, 2015

Weigh in, save the WI gov't accountability board

Good reminder in an e-alert from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - - your non-profit watchdog group that is trying to save the official, non-partisan campaign, lobbying and elections watchdog agency - - the Wisconsin Government Accountability - - from a GOP-led dismantling:

         Sunlight report backs up GAB

         By the way, the legislature will be meeting soon to try to destroy the GAB, so please contact your legislators and tell them not to do it. Put it in your own words. Write it out by hand if you can. Ask to meet with your legislators in Madison or their district offices. This is winnable. We can still save the GAB, but we must act now.

         If you don’t know your legislator’s name or email address, go to and just type in your address in the box in the top right corner, or call 1-800-362-9472. And snail mail still counts a lot, so please mail your letter to your legislators at these addresses:

           Assembly:  (last names A-L):  PO Box 8952, Madison WI 53708-8952
                               (last names M-Z): PO Box 8953, Madison WI 53708-8953

               Senate:     PO Box 7882, Madison WI 53707-7882

This fight is just as important as the recent and successful movement to save the Wisconsin Open Records law from a similar partisan attack.

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