Monday, August 10, 2015

The PGA generates $100 million for greater Sheboygan?

So says the Sheboygan Press:
The event's economic impact, which has topped $100 million in recent years at other host sites, is expected to extend to restaurants and other attractions near hotels and travel routes.
I know golfers are an up-scale crowd, tickets are expensive and people are coming in from all directions to watch the tournament, but take a look at these recent numbers:

Why World Series host cities barely break even

In last year’s World Series, three games held at Busch Stadium created a positive economic impact in St. Louis of at least $7.9 million per game, according to Alicia Jessop of Forbes.
Just asking. 


Anonymous said...

Sheboygan is the slums of Kohler. There really isn't a lot of stuff to do if you are a high-roller in Sheboygan other than go up to Door County or come down to Milwaukee! The promoters of sports, especially when public subsidies are involved, are the biggest lying liars around.

It is patently false to claim Sheboygan gets $100 million, but folks there might be dumb enough to believe this. People that try to run upscale business there virtually always go bust.

Anonymous said...

That. Is. A lot. Of. Brats.

Anonymous said...

Why do the fools persist in telling small lies?

The PGA generates $2.348 BILLION for greater Sheboygan! Doesn't that sound much more impressive?

Jonathan Swift said...

I followed your link to the Sheboygan Press article. If the stated estimate of 200k
spectators is accurate then 100million or 500 per head is not unreasonable.
What was more interesting was another article in the same issue by Atty. Casey Hoff regarding Wisconsin's adultery law. It brought to mind several Evangelical Pharisees
in the state legislature and at least one AM radio propagandist who should be charged
with that felony. If convicted they would get a better understanding of voter suppression.