Friday, August 14, 2015

On modern transportation, waiting for Wisconsin to catch up. Again

GOP politicians have snubbed Milwaukee-Madison midwest Amtrak, urban light rail, multi-county commuter rail, and a guided electric bus in Milwaukee where the streetcar plan is long delayed, so I'm sure it will take WisDOT years, if ever, to catch up even with Chris Christie's New Jersey and its plan to install electric vehicle charging stations.

So far, strong legislative support there:
In a 25 to 3 vote, the state Senate approved a bill that would require the New Jersey Transportation Authority to install four charging stations at rest areas along the New Jersey Turnpike, four on the Garden State Parkway and two along the Atlantic City Expressway within the next three years.
It didn't make it through the recently-approved Wisconsin budget, but WisDOT had proposed special registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles - - hardly a user-friendly embrace of modern technologies.

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