Monday, August 10, 2015

Walker finally 'criticizes' Trump; how about this GOP merchandise with his?

It took Walker a few days to see which way the wind was blowing over Trump's treatment of Fox debate moderator Megyn Kelly before our intimidated Governor dared criticize the Donald, a $10,000 Walker donor.

During and after the debate, Walker did not call out or confront Trump - - but today, Monday, Walker finally said Trump's language was "inappropriate.'

But is he still OK with his merchandise being sold at a GOP booth at the Wisconsin State Fair with those "Feminine Hygiene "Heavy Days/Light Days" T-shirts?



my5cents said...

But, Walker never comes out ahead of anyone else in criticizing someone in the Republican party. He had no comment about the confederate flag in SC until Niki Haley decided it had to be removed from the Capitol grounds. Only then did he say something and that was to only agree with her. Nothing more. I guess his handlers couldn't come up with anything good for him to say before that. Remember, he is Mr. Intimidated. He only talks of big and bold things after he gets everyone else to do his dirty work.

CB said...

Great photo op today - Gov. Walker will be at Wisc. State Fair to auction off livestock. It would be amazing to get him looking at this booth of merchandise. His facial expression would tell all.

Anonymous said...

Be even better, CB, to get some photo's of Walker inspecting the @sses of the livestock. It's an important part of the process and Walker, being an @ss, is probably highly qualified to judge other @sses.