Sunday, August 30, 2015

Milwaukee getting notice as regional water industry hub

The biggest newspaper in upstate New York comes to Milwaukee for a visit and finds the city's water-based research and development sector is the Great Lakes leader:
In dozens of interviews with government officials, economic development experts, business executives, water researchers and environmentalists, a portrait emerges of some Great Lakes communities beginning to realize that their plentiful water supply represents a new selling card to reverse decades of population losses or stagnation. 
Great Lakes communities can boast of an asset that other parts of the country – and world – can only dream of: a water resource that can be tapped for new, high-tech manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, cooling computer server “farms,” power generation and recreation. 
Milwaukee appears to be the furthest along in embracing this concept.

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Unknown said...

And this is all despite the lack of assistance, or even resistance, by the Republicans in the state.