Monday, August 31, 2015

IL moving forward, WI backwards. Again

We know that Illinois regional rail connections got part of the $800 million Scott Walker blocked for Amtrak expansion between Milwaukee and Madison, and wind farm development has relocated south of the border after Walker, serving real estate and fossil fuel interests, slowed Wisconsin wind farm development to a crawl, too.

A summary posting, here.

And while Walker's latest budget proposal tried to completely strip bike and walking trail installations from statutory inclusion on certain new Wisconsin road projects - - the Legislature substituted instead a complicated approval 'process' that may or may not enable anything to get done - -  Illinois continues to better understand urban commuting and city revival movements by repurposing an abandoned rail line into a long, graceful urban trail similar to the High Line in Manhattan.

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Anonymous said...

But you see, in Illinois, they are BEAR FANS and in Wisconsin, we are PACKER FANS; so even if we have railroad tracks that connect at our border, in Illinois they will still be BEAR FANS and in Wisconsin we will still be PACKER FANS.

Don't ya get it?