Sunday, August 9, 2015

Petition feds to continue Walker John Doe probe

A reader has asked that I post the link, and the basics, about this petition:
Investigate the Wisconsin Supreme Court and its decision to stop the John Doe II investigation.
Requesting that the US Department of Justice continue the John Doe II criminal investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 recall election campaign. On July 16, 2015 the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the case closed and evidence destroyed. There was ample evidence that their network intended to collect and distribute campaign funds on Walker’s behalf and under Walker’s control, however, WI Supreme Court justices were bought and paid for by the defendants in the case! How can we get justice in Wisconsin? We need your help.
Published Date: Jul 19, 2015
Issues: Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement


Anonymous said...

The feds can't continue the Doe probe, this is a State of Wisconsin investigation. Unfortunately, with hindsight, it was a mistake to use an archaic secret probe instead of a Grand Jury investigation. The DOJ could launch their own, remember, FBI was part of the Cindy Archer raid and this certainly was not because Milwaukee County could not have done computer forensics without them.

But since the feds were involved with this years ago, and not under the John Doe probe, there is not really any reason to think they will come to our rescue. Hell, all the GOP candidates could be under criminal investigation, that's how they roll. Obama's DOJ does not have the courage to go after Walker nor anyone else really.

Fighting Bob said...

Thanks Jim,

I fear the Feds are our only hope.
Let's try to get to 100,000 folks.

Thanks for all you do Jim.
Yours is a terrific blog.
I check in daily and tell others to do the same.
Keep up the fight.