Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Walkerite DNR hits new environmental low

Walker got 65% of the 2014 gubernatorial vote in northern Wisconsin's Langlade County (check the map) - -  but the free marketeers in the Legislature and an ideological ex-developer DNR Secretary Stepp said the DNR should sell land, so no one should be surprised at this report - - it's been acomin' for a while - - in the Journal Sentinel (thank you, Lee Berguist), and no Wisconsinite is immune from a turn under the bus:
DNR move to sell prime spring ponds outrages trout anglers
You want one of these, Bucky? 

Go to the supermarket - - unless people organize against the plan and that "chamber of commerce mentality" running the agency.
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Anonymous said...

I have no idea why I look at your blog. Every single day I read something that pisses me off. I can write to my senator, unfortunately since mine is a Democrat, we have no representation, which also pisses me off.

So to simplify the story, we have a dirtbag governor who was elected by a bunch of ignorant fools because they did not listen. As an avid outdoorsman, including a trout fisherman, this move makes me ill. The defunding of the parks, which is an economic boost for areas within a large radius of each park, is utterly stupid. The proposed mine would have been an environmental and economic disaster, and it is still out there. James, what do we need to do to get rid of this low life human being who only tries to benefit his donors?

James Rowen said...

I understand. I feel this way every time I go to a policy hearing, or read, or listen to people still inside government trying hard to do the right thing, against huge odds. Politics brought us this mess and organizing can be the remedy. Information helps, no matter how discouraging. Everyone needs to work hard at it. That's about all I can say, except thank you for writing. We're all in this together.

Anonymous said...

I know that DNR has loosened the regulations for permitting fish farms. Coincidence?

James Rowen said...

Here's an idea: Fifty of you and for friends call media, tell them you are having a news conference at one of the effected polls, then show up and say "Hell, no," and this idea will get shelved. This is a ready-made story for TV.

And with a win comes more confidence and success.

Anonymous said...

Thank you grandfather, for your patient lessons about fishing the wily brook trout. Thank you dad, for helping me to understand that we take only the brookies that we will eat today. Thank you son, for sharing my enthusiasm for the trout stream.

Everyone has a threshold where disappointment becomes deep despair. It might be that point where one realizes that the community with whom you have shared deeply held the values…Values that were passed along to you by your father and grandfather… has moved on. I look pretty silly standing here with my waders, creel and pole.

We knew that “Wisconsin is Open for Business” really meant that the public natural resources we shared would be sold and privatized. A radical champion of privatization ‘deer czar’ was quickly hired to determine how well-heeled private land owners could privatize the once public deer herd. We watched as extractive mineral industries were allowed to rewrite laws that long preserved our wild lands and waters. We watched our conservation department/DNR stand mute while abusive farming practices rendered a once rich Green Bay fishery a toxic mess…again.

My generation cannot plead ignorance to the sources of our recent environmental abuses. I am sorry grandfather, when it was my turn to protect what mattered, I did not set the hook. Your great, great grandchildren may not learn the tricks of the trout. I am so sorry. This hurts.

Rick F.

Unknown said...


You know you can contact your Senators whether they're Republican or Democrat... Doesn't mean they'll listen to you but I sure hear where you're coming from.