Saturday, August 8, 2015

Scott Walker wants to build a fence between women and their doctors

And earns a lede from The Washington Post for his uninformed misogyny:
As campaign heats up, Republican candidates are rushing to the right
In the span of a few days this week, Scott Walker emphasized that he opposes abortions, with no exceptions in cases of rape or incest or to save the woman’s life. 
He's in full damage-control mode with the home town paper, too, sharing with Dr. Sean Hannity all his medical training gained during less than three undergraduate years at Marquette University:
"It's a false choice. There is always a better option out there," Walker told Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday night. 
I've said for years medically there's always a better choice than choosing between the life of an unborn baby and the life of the mother," he added. "Medically that's just a nonissue."
By the way, Dr. Walker has shared his knowledge of pregnant women before - - especially their states of mind during the early days of pregnancy. 

Makes you understand why he rejected all that Medicaid funding and is killing off Planned Parenthood medical services for women. Who needs all those doctors' appointments and onsite treatment when all you have to do is go online and read the Doctor Governor's news releases and media statements.

More about our low-information Governor, here


my5cents said...

And, once again the (lies) that come out of Walker's mouth amazes me. I could not believe that he actually said there is "always" a choice between the life of an unborn baby and the mother. OMG!! No there is not always a choice other than to let them both die. Is that the other choice. No doctor is going to do that.

Keep opening your mouth Walker. Every time you do you prove just how ignorant you truly are.

I had to look up that video on Youtube (found it, link below) to hear him say that for myself. You have to love the extra long commercial for Planned Parenthood just before Walker and Hannity.

Plus, he says he should be President over Hillary Clinton because he has "done" things. He ought to bone up on the things she's done on a National and International scale before he repeats that too many more times. I am sure she can recite all the countries the U.S. has as allies, especially the Mideastern countries. And, I would have to have confirmation from those Arab leaders he supposedly met with that they really do believe the U.S. is leading from behind. That's an easy lie to peddle. Actually, I would like confirmation that he met with them. I couldn't find anything on the Internet about those meetings.

Anonymous said...

Your post has this reversed. Scott Walker isn't in "full damage control mode". He can do nothing about this himself. His stooopidity was broadcast to one of the largest audiences ever to tune in to faux news.

IT IS MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL THAT IS IN "FULL DAMAGE CONTROL MODE". Like usual, they are making excuses and uncritically reprinting Walker's talking point as if he owned the newspaper and it was his personal campaign tool.

Well it is his personal campaign tool, but not because he owns it. The corporate interests he works for include MJS. And the disturbing thing is, the rest of the nation's media directly or indirectly largely turns to MJS to source their pro-Walker crap.

And ALL of the in-state major media catapults the MJS propaganda because, well it comes from MUS.

MadCityVoter said...

Great -- now Gov. Walker is taking his leadership philosophy from Captain Kirk! Though even Kirk would defer to Dr. McCoy when it came to medical matters, and to Spock when it came to science, and to Scotty when it came to making the ship run. What a wuss! I'll bet Captain Kirk never "stood up" to 100,000 teachers and state employees/terrorists by hiding in his office and scurrying through tunnels and making stuff up! Not like Governor Unintimidated!

No wonder people are leaving this state! Led by educated women of child-bearing age, I would venture, for their own health and sanity as well as the future health and educational prospects of any children they do choose to bring into this crazy world.