Sunday, August 30, 2015

Predicting wall-to-wall coverage for Gov. Wallker today

Read on, as other wall proposals are trumped by thousands of miles:
Walker says wall on Canadian border worth reviewing
His remarks were on Sunday's "Meet the Press" program on NBC. Here is a link to the full show.


Anonymous said...

mottos & slogans department --
Scott Walker:

Something there is that really, really loves a wall.
Paul Bunyan can't touch this.
Menard's: we're getting this contract.
A giant among giants.
Big walls for big balls.
A truly humble candidate, because sometimes fascism is bigger than all of us.
Amerika! The biggest!
Big walls require big roads.
NASA can see the Great Wall of China from space. Sarah Palin can see Russia from Alaska [this is actually true]. I [Scott Walker] can see all. the. way. to the _nearest border_.
Infrastructure 2016: shutting out free trade through bigger government
Trump invented the trumpet. Trolls invented the trollette. Walker invented bigger ideas. During recess.
Canadians. They seem nice.


Anonymous said...

This should really help our relationship with Canada. This guy is pure genius. Since he will not be elected president due to the lamestream media attacking his brilliant idea, we will have to settle for his ideas being put in place only in Wisconsin. He can test out his wall theory by building one between Wisconsin and Minnesota. Since so many in Hudson work in Minnesota, the residents there will probably raise a stink, so we can build it through Hudson so we can have an East Hudson and West Hudson. For some reason this sounds a lot like an experiment that worked really well back in 1961.

Sue said...

Well thanks, Scott. As usual, he leaves his home state out in the cold, unprotected from invading hordes of Yoopers to the north and Chicagoans to the south. We don't have anything Minnesota wants, except maybe Aaron Rodgers.
On the other hand, pissing off Canada is a great way to make sure the Waukesha water diversion is killed quite dead, so, good job Scooter.

Anonymous said...

Walker needs a wall alright, 4 of them, with gray bars, to protect the populace from waste, theft, and destruction of a once proud and progressive state.

Anonymous said...

Walker's latest foray into republican one-upsmanship reveals his moroniforousity is only exceeded by his dumbassnaciousness. Quite frankly, it is beyond words.

Anonymous said...

Walker has proven that he only has short term memory. He only remembers what his handlers told him in the last few hours or days. As far as long term memory goes none, nada, zip.... he will trash a position he held two days ago to spew what he is told to say today. Canadians are our friends and our neighbors. We have a shared interest... Lake Superior.

Anonymous said...

The proposal comes from Governor Unintimidated. He lives in a guarded mansion surrounded by a metal spike fence, does not make public appearances in his home state, sneaks in/out of the capitol through a secret tunnel, and travels with a 24/7, nine-member team of armed guards...on overtime. Obviously he suffers from paranoia, insecurity, and other "shortcomings" way tooooo private to discuss in this forum.