Sunday, August 9, 2015

Walker is right - - talk just makes it worse

[Updated] Keen, caring Walker - - Governor, problem-solver, medical expert, preacher's son, serial winker, spinner and dissembler - - warns us that talking only means "we’re going to get more."

Right. We've all been there. Remember that kid who always shot up his hand right at the end of class? C'mon, man: recess and snack were right there.

And since he's running for President, Walker has to be referring to the tedium of the long, long '16 presidential race, and specifically to more of those debates like Thursday's shout-fest.

Imagine another year of listening to Trump and, jeez, that tinny/nasal Cruz, and the going-nowhere Jindal and Perry, with those instant-smart specs - - all those know-nothings without the economy of words that Walker used to stand out from Thursday's lightweights.

Wait: He's saying that talking about racial problems only makes them worse.

Well, OK - - he's still on to something.

Look at all the progress on racial matters in our state during his watch that has helped validate the approach that he and his core constituency want and have implemented without much talk - - escalating African-American incarceration, and also segregation in transit-deprived, low-wage central cities.

Scott the Silent.

Walker '16.


Anonymous said...

Maybe not…. "the going-nowhere Jindal and Perry". In Perry's case he is going to trial. Judge refuses to toss Rick Perry abuse-of-power case on constitutional grounds.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Doing strong oversight of taxpayer-funded WEDC handouts and allowing the people to see drafting records just means that there's more corruption that you find out about. And who wants to hear about that? It's just so negative!

(snark off)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of African Americans calling him on his policies? I feel like he ignores people of color and for the most part they ignore him. I guess that works well for him.