Thursday, August 27, 2015

Comment to WI DNR now; it's your land, air and water

[Update from Wednesday, 8/26.]

Deadlines loom:

There are comment opportunities expiring soon on environmental and public health issues in Wisconsin. 

Participating gives you a chance to help create the record, strengthen the public input process and exercise your citizen rights, since it's your air, land and water that the Department of Natural Resources is managing despite its continuous corporatization and ideological direction since 2011, including:

*  Waukesha's proposed diversion of Lake Michigan water. Comments are accepted until the end of Friday.

*  A statewide rollback of some air emission rules which governing frac sand mines and other potential polluters. Comments are accepted until the end of Thursday.

Two more things:

*  You can sign up for email notices from the DNR about upcoming and pending matters on which you can comment.

Here is that information, and a list of items.

*  Additionally, it was recently disclosed by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the DNR intends to sell substantial trout spring pond acreage in Langlade County. 

I'd written about the issue and related matters, here.

Though the formal comment period on the land sales has expired, the agency told the Journal the plan was open to changes, and the agency's oversight board still needs to give its OK, so it sounds to me like you can still get involved because the sale is not a done deal:
Doug Haag, deputy bureau director in charge of land sales and acquisitions, said the properties must still be reviewed by DNR field staff, including fisheries experts.
He acknowledged some fisheries staff have already raised objections to selling land where ponds are located. The Natural Resources Board will review the final list in December or January...
The agency is just starting to hear from the public, and the spring ponds in Langlade County are generating the most concerns, according to Haag...
Haag said the DNR could add language that the agency would still manage fisheries resources and assume other oversight.
*  Here are links through the DNR website about agency land sales if you are interested in weighing in now. What do you have to lose?
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