Saturday, August 1, 2015

A question for the Q & A at KochFest this evening

My question for Walker,  since the's "Playbook" column said it was looking for suggestions, is:

Reports based on Federal court and Wisconsin state agency records have shown that:

*  A majority of state and federal taxpayer grants and loans disbursed by the Wisconsin job-creating agency, (WEDC), you set up and solely chaired until last month has been awarded to firms whose executives are among your donors.

More than $124 million of public money was awarded without normal due-diligence review, dozens of loans are past-due, and some cannot be recovered.

*  An iron ore mining firm whose now-abandoned open-pit excavation through sensitive forest and wetlands which you backed with enabling legislation had routed a once-secret $700,000 donation to assist your 2012 recall election through a third-party group which you had urged donors to support.

*  More recently, it was disclosed that your fund-raising co-chairman is an investor in the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team - - a franchise whose proposed half-billion dollar new arena construction you are supporting by earmarking millions in state dollars.

So the question is:

You had put up 23 signs at your state's borders which said Wisconsin is "open for business," but is your administration for sale?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent question to which we ALL know the answer: Yes, Scott Walker is the consumate pay for play player. Mr. Walker has aligned himself with monied interest and sold his soul and YOUR PUBLIC ASSETS. It cost a billion bucks to buy 30 second sound bites in a national election. We have the best government in Wisconsin that money can buy. Scott Walker is taking his experience to the next level.