Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Walker's agenda, record get in-depth, predictive review

Fifteen subjects and examples cited and discussed - - would that all media follow The Guardian and produce such an excellent and documented review:
For all the “day one” promises that have been made in the 2016 presidential race, it’s hard for voters to know how most candidates would actually govern. Repealing Obamacare, tearing off carbon caps and tearing up an Iran nuclear deal are all catchy ideas, but they do not amount to a White House strategy.
There is one candidate, however, for whom this air of mystery does not apply. Even among the current and former governors in the field, he is exceptional for the clarity of his record as an executive, owing to the methodical quality and ideological consistency of his leadership. Most every detail of his career feeds confidence in what he intends to do next.
He is Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who is now in his second term and who declared a run for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday. 
Not only has Walker established a remarkably clear-cut fiscal record, steadily reducing taxes while shrinking spending commitments, but he has also signed legislation on issues of urgent national debate including guns, abortion, voter ID, criminal sentencing, minimum wage, community policing, private-sector unions, education, healthcare, environmental conservation and more. 
Walker’s foreign policy résumé is sparse. But otherwise, the American voter has a wealth of evidence on which to evaluate him. To understand what a Scott Walker presidency would mean, voters can look to his record in Wisconsin...
The Guardian's piece is far better than my efforts to create such a post:


Anonymous said...

So what mainstream media outlet in America is going to do a story like this?


Anonymous said...

We all agree. Scott's body of work speaks for itself.