Monday, August 31, 2015

WI wall-building underway as we speak

Could this be the prototype, the inspiration for the Great US-Canada Wall? Walker's community of Wauwatosa, WI is just a few blocks to the right (north) of this wall going up on I-94. I shot this on the way to the Waukesha water hearing last week.


nonheroicvet said...

Wonder how much money I will need to donate to WMC to get the contract to build the wall between Alaska and Canada.

Ol' Blood and Guts Walker likes to say that he's been tested. The only skill I have seen is his ability to hide from a bunch of pissed off teachers. A skill that I would have found quite useful in my Junior High days.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Walker promoting a wall along the East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf of Mexico. America could wall itself in around ALL borders! Then if we build a retractable dome over the entire country, perhaps Scooter would feel safe from all of those teachers!

Anonymous said...

Walker should have gone after the Star Trek vote by proposing a Dyson sphere around earth.

Anonymous said...

We are watching Scott Walker melt down and retreat faster than an Alaskan Glacier in August.

Anonymous said...

Put the phone down and drive. Can't you just put your disdain for Republicans away for a few minutes while driving without it being your own Tootsie Roll, where whatever you see becomes a symbol of your obsession?

Traffic congestion through the area is bad enough without you causing an accident.

Or is that your plan? Exacerbate the problem and then bemoan the resulting congestion as emblematic of a road-building society run amok?