Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coastlines - - and climate change deniers - - could be washed away

President Obama went to Alaska earlier this week talk about climate change as the federal government targeted about $50 million - - a literal drop in the bucket - - to begin moving one village among many inland because rising seas will swamp them.

Though Wisconsin makes it harder for people to get good information about such things, new data show the rise is steeper and faster than predicted.

The next many US presidents and leaders worldwide better talk tougher to the deniers and get the public ready for what people along coastlines worldwide are going to need:
(CNN)It was less than two years ago that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its all-encompassing assessment on the current state of climate change research and made projections for the future climate of our planet.  
According to the latest from NASA, however, the projections the panel made for a rise in global sea levels of 1 to 3 feet may already be outdated. 
According to Steven Nerem of the University of Colorado, we are "locked into at least 3 feet of sea level rise, and probably more."
11 ways climate change affects the world
Nerem said experts now think a rise in sea levels toward "the higher end of that range is more likely, and the question remains how that range might have to shift upwards..."  
Many climate experts say temperatures are rising faster than at any point in our known history and that it is largely because of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels...  
The data gathered reveals that sea levels have already risen nearly 3 inches since 1992. If that doesn't sound like much, remember that a good rule of thumb is: For every inch of sea level rise, you see 100 inches of run-up inland on the coast. 

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