Thursday, August 20, 2015

Walker should be buoyed with 39% WI job approval rating

No need to be Gloomy Gus about his favorability rating falling to 39% at home. Hey - - he's still beating pal Chris Christie's home state numbers and is running ahead of what folks generally think about the banks and big business.

Not to mention that only 36% of US households subscribe to Netflix, and look how popular Netflix is. Walker is killing Kevin Spacey!

And Walker's staff at the State Capitol can tell him not to worry that 57% of Wisconsinites disapprove of his performance as Governor, since surveys also show 57% of people in Iceland believe in elves.


Anonymous said...

Becky Kleefisch takes after Governor John Doe Walker.

Abandons state to open another front in their war of error.

"PASCAGOULA, Mississippi -- Women are often the "machine" behind political change, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch told the Jackson County Republican Women during a Founders' Day fundraising luncheon Wednesday."

Who writes this crap for her?

""Where are my men?" she asked the crowd, and the men raised their hands. "Don't doubt that we make 85 percent of the consumer household decisions in America. Look at your tie, men. We bought that!""

She is probably looking for ways to help Wisconsin replace Mississippi as the NUMBER ONE STATE FOR CORRUPTION!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter, tomorrow and over the weekend Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will be catapulting the pro-Walker propaganda, literally his campaign's talking points as nooooooze. And then the rest of the state will amplify and cast the lies across Wisconsin.

Sue said...

And that, Anon@5:49, is why his approval rating is as high as it is. 39% after all this time and all he's done is appallingly high.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Women are the machine",eh Lt. Gov. mini-van? Well Scotty's at 36% approval with Wisconsin women, and was losing by 25 points to Hillary with women.

Hey Becky, they can't just run your hairdo out in public to solve this problem in the Wisconsin GOP, I hate to tell you

Anonymous said...

Ha! You should read the Waukesha Freeman today. They splash the headlines that Walker leads in Wisconsin in presidential polling. Then, toward the very end is the mention that his approval ratings as the big cheese are at 38%. Only in Waukesha County! He was a fool for not resigning before the poll came out, as I for sure thought he would. Trump will eat him alive in another debate.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives do not matter. No opinion on the 14th Amendment. Approval rate 39%. The beginning of the end for Mr. Walker goes to Washington.

Sue said...

"My men"? Is that the same as "How can we love you even more"? What is with this woman? Why does she keep turning things into a relational context?
Creepy, Becky. Creepy.