Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox 'News' and death of the follow-up question

Letting WI GOP Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker get off a zinger to cheers and laughter against Hillary Clinton for her email server without a follow-up question about Walker's secret email system in his Milwaukee County office suite enabling illegal fund-raising and politicking would have been been like letting Pete Rose take a shot at someone for betting on baseball without turning the question back on him.

My summary, after live-blogging the debate with more than 20 posts, is here.

You know Walker spent two hours last night worrying about whether the email system scandal, the six John Doe convictions and his now-documented status as a 2011 felony investigation target was going to hit his campaign on the debate stage like a dagger.

His email system was set up to evade the Wisconsin Open Records law - - which Walker actively recently and quietly sought as Governor to upend.

All newsworthy, current and illustrative of the real Walker, not the midwestern nice Preacher's son.

Who is out today after the debate with a preposterous claim.

The Fox ' News' panelists didn't blow it. They took a dive.


Anonymous said...

This is a tell -- the fix is in. The GOP nomination is now Walker's to lose. By hook or crook, if the nominee, Walker ends up in White House. Just look at the massive amounts of propaganda, now national, that have elevated him from obscurity to the illusion of an all-powerful political god. None of this is on his merits. He is a divisive and blundering tool of Koch Industries. The extreme agenda he is pushing is not popular with most Americans, but with enough propaganda and proprietary & closed electronic election systems, he can and will be catapulted into the White House.

my5cents said...

Anon 1:25 p.m.
I think I will make an extra effort to vote on a paper ballot in advance of the election if Walker is the Republican nominee. Of course, if those ballots are also fed through a rigged machine it won't make any difference will it.

Election fraud from rigged electronic machines is one of my greatest fears. How do we know our vote is being counted as we checked it on the ballot? We don't!!

Actually next to the other 11 men on that stage, Walker looked like the Eagle Scout and nothing more. His short memorized answers don't cut it in a debate. Maybe he should have worked on debating in college. The real problem is, though, he is just not that smart.