Friday, August 7, 2015

With 1%, Walker running last in two post-debate polls

Walker is The Biggest Loser, but Bush should be The Biggest Worrier.

As I wrote during and after the debate on this blog, Walker was nowhere.

Both Time and the Fox affiliate in San Diego have Walker last with 1% in polls that are still up and running, and Trump is winning among the ten hopefuls with about 50% - - definitive showings in the large field.

I'd say's Roger Simon got it right after the debate when he said Republicans are terrified with the Trump phenomenon.

And as I suspected, Kasich did well, with about 9 percent though he was the latest entrant. Keep your eye on him.

OK: So Walker can only go up. And yes, it's a long haul and if Trump craters, Walker can rush in and pick up the pieces.

He is a tactician with nothing in his core except ambition, so will say anything to win. In the 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial race, that meant posing briefly on abortion as reasonable, even pro-choice, only to revert to his hard-edged ideological position.

If he polled 5% after the next debate, people would say, 'wow, he's got momentum!'

The Bush people have got to be worried, as their guy is polling post-debate at  4-5% and sometimes stumbled over his words, like his brother often did.

Better start spending that $100 million.


Anonymous said...


Today's Wisconsin State Journal, and remember, owned by Lee Enterprises, a very large right-wing network on noooozepapers across the state, is catapulting the lie today on their front page:

Walker Steers Clear of the Fray

The live-blogging and posts here are accurate and thoughtful, but it is clear that mislabled "debates" are merely a tool to winnow the field and move the anointed candidate forward. How Walker did answering questions is irrelevant. The media is going to dishonestly spin this as a "win".

I won't link to the shameless propaganda. A more accurate headline would be "Walker Steers Clear of Answers" and Huffington post had a version of that. While your points about NYT and WashPo not featuring him until 39th and 34th paragraphs, the end of their reports, the GOP base does not read those anyhow and their coverage is irrelevant.

A divide-and-conquer governor is only possible with massive amounts, actually Nazi amounts, of propaganda. Walker is benefiting from the same type of disinformation nationally now. This should concern people. This is a fix. If the media can be shown to be collectively pumping up Scott Walker, it is because the fix is in. 2016 is going to be a disastrous election full of anomolies that always benefit GOP.

Anonymous said...

How can Walker go anywhere if he doesn't have on point answers to question? I didn't think he answered even one of the questions he was asked with the exception of the last one about God. But equally important he never once (I missed the first 5 minutes) talked to his time limit. Everyone else pushed to the buzzer. He spewed out canned talking points and one or two zingers (pre-baked). As the field narrows and the debates are not in the "home" field of Faux news he is going to have to do better than canned responses, the stupid s#*t eating smile and bobbing head.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the wink.

James Rowen said...

I wrote about it twice last night. Pass the word.


Another fake Walker wink. And nice hometown cheer for Kasich
I don't think Walker can help himself. Too much autopilot.

The Walker wink. How fake