Friday, August 7, 2015

So Walker didn't know why he needed a legal defense fund?

So I guess Walker was racing around the country raising money for his legal defense fund just to rack up frequent flier miles.

Did he hear it as "legal defense fun," that new fantasy litigation game?

Was he helping out some down-and-out attorneys, or low-income litigants, sort of like a Fund for Legal Defenders?

Add Walker's credulity-stretching parsing and "new to us" dodge about being named a felony investigative target to his long list of denials.

Too bad the Fox 'News' panel didn't force Walker to make this ridiculous denial on stage last night.

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Anonymous said...

Walker is telling more pants-on-fire lies and his BFF and shill Milwuakee Journal Sentinel is catapulting his propaganda today. They know that this cannot be true. There will be no change in Wisconsin until we hold the media accountable and, while Lee Enterprises/WSJ is awful, it is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that leads the rightwing echo chamber.