Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Where's Walker? Begging for Vegas gambling tycoon's winnings

Our Governor follows the money:
MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker is in Las Vegas to meet with billionaire casino mogul and Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson, as Walker continues to consider running for president in 2016... 
Adelson's top political adviser Andy Abboud confirms that Walker is meeting with Adelson. Abboud says, "About every elected official comes by to say hello." 
Adelson gave the Wisconsin Republican Party $650,000 in late October and he previously gave Walker $250,000 during the 2012 recall.
Walker groveled at Adelson's feet before. 


Sue said...

Again? Wasn't Walker part of a herd of Republicans visiting him last summer? As I recall, there were so many politicians there that Walker's fan dance was barely noticed.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

That creep has his own "political advisor"?

And working-class whites in eastern Wisconsin voted for Walker thinking he'd care about their needs? SUCKERS! This also explains why I don't go to the Venetian when I go to Vegas