Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here is WisDOT's latest FUBAR for downtown Milwaukee

The agency calls it Stage II of the I-794/Hoan Bridge reconstruction.

Wasn't there a jingle "east side, west side, all-around the town...:

Downtown merchants, commuters, and other visitors to the city where light rail was banned are not going to like this:
As the second stage of construction on the I-794 Lake Freeway / Hoan Bridge Project begins, major ramp closures will occur.  
Beginning on the evening of December 12, the Jackson/Van Buren Street exit ramp from I-794 East will be closing long term.
As a result, motorists will need to utilize one of the following exit routes in lieu of the Jackson/Van Buren Street exit: 
• I-94 East to I-794 East to James Lovell Street/St. Paul Avenue exit
 • I-43 North to I-794 East to Plankinton Avenue exit
 • I-43 South to I-794 East to Plankinton Avenue exit 
Additionally, the temporary Milwaukee Street entrance ramp to I-794 East (southbound) that was used for the past year will close permanently on the evening of December 12. 
Motorists should use the newly reopened Broadway ramp to travel east (southbound) on I-794. The new entrance ramp is located one block west of Milwaukee Street, at the intersection of Clybourn Street and Broadway. 
Or as used to say when I worked in the Milwaukee Mayor's office: use the city streets! 

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Anonymous said...

Might not WisDoT be consciously creating massive traffic jams to gain public support for double decker freeways and pay off the road builders.