Friday, November 7, 2014

Walker puts would-be fan to sleep

To the slam at Walker's national ambitions in, add another thumbs-down at, the new political website set up by ex-Washington Post staffer Ezra Klein.

Vox watched Walker's victory speech and was all set to write a glowing, presidential-run prediction, until Walker opened his mouth:
His delivery is stilted. His facial expressions are alternately blank and smug. He chooses strange words to emphasize ("that's just not the American dree-eeam," he says twice). Overall, he looks and sounds like a whole lot like a Milwaukee County Executive — and not at all like a potential president. I've seen Walker speak before and knew he wasn't the most charismatic guy around, but watching this speech during a truly great week for him really drove this weakness home to me.
More, here.


Anonymous said...

Wait'll he gets a little older and develops jowls like Nixon.

Jonathan Swift said...

I saw a brief glimpse of the Walker headquarters Tues. night on the news and surprise-surprise the crowd looked to be 96% white males 3.9% white Females and .!% percent of people not like the others.

Anonymous said...

I think he is attempting (a very poor one at that) to copy President Obama's speaking style complete with the sort stutter at the beginning of sentences. Then at the end it builds, he keeps talking without a pause and gets louder and louder. Not very convincing. On a side note, I always wondered what is with the unemotional expressions of his family standing behind him. They always look so glum and sour.