Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cathy Stepp, blogger/talk radio star, blasts someone's "editorializing"

It's hard to believe, but DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp - - with outrageous blogging and partisan talk radio sniping to her credit - - has the gall to complain that an administrative law judge who slammed her agency for massive clean water regulatory failures had partisan motives and was "editorializing."

These issues were noted on this blog at the end of October, before the election.

File under 'I know you are but what I am.'

And the judge's findings sure did give the lie to Scott Walker's ridiculous claim that the environment was cleaner now than when he came into office.

Here's a link with even more evidence, documented.


Anonymous said...

And the very same people who are affected by these poisoned wells voted for Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

"In an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Stepp said: "I don't think the judge was saying our agency failed, but that he was dissatisfied with the current regulatory framework."

I guess we can look forward to the DNR opening up the current rules and gutting them with the blessing of our legislature and governor.