Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Walker finishes campaign with pure, conscience-free fabrication

After all his pre-election Act 10 sneakiness, the secret campaign funding and coordination revealed by John Doe II, the widespread environmental deregulation he's directed that led to pollution with the mildest of regulatory consequences, perhaps - -  and the dirty campaign tricks from which he benefited in the last week - -  Scott Walker manages to get quoted by Slate.com as the campaign ends that his motives were "pure."

Here's what Webster's says about "pure."
 adjective \ˈpyr\: not mixed with anything else
: clean and not harmful in any way
: having a smooth and clear sound that is not mixed with any other sounds
Slate.com foolishly says Walker sounded apologetic.

Slate got it wrong. This was vintage Walker carefree, self-deluded arrogance.

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