Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Walker can be King of Fitzwalkerstan, but POTUS? No way.

The bad news: We've got Walker for another term, with Rebecca Kleefisch waiting in the wings.

The good news: Though Walker is dreaming of a presidential run, a national electorate in 2016 should be younger, more diverse, more urban and driven less by a declining demographic - - older white males - - than the electorate which Craig Gilbert showed giving Walker the win.

We've seen Walker in national politics before. He'd be Rick Santorum Redux, undone by women in the gender gap (especially if Hillary Clinton runs), support for racist voter ID, and public school funding diverted to private schools.

No one should underestimate Walker's ambition and access to right-wing campaign money.

And, yes, we have to deal with him as King of Fitzwalkerstan - -  but President of the United States?

America is not Waukesha County.

I think not.


Anonymous said...

He will be the 2016 GOP nominee. Bet on it. Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but on the upside, this means that we will have the fun of watching what happens to Walker when the yokel no longer can count on his local bought-and-sold media company dominant in this state, and the national media finally start to look more closely at him and do more than retype his press releases. The criminal defense fund and those six convictions do not a presidential resume make. And, for more fun, a few overly friendly judges and other friends of Perp Walker all also can look forward to more scrutiny by folks who, unlike the JS, occasionally still do journalism. Pop the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Still believe in fair elections? See the congressional testimony here:

The 1% don't care how the people vote; they don't have to care.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, there was a Midwest Guv who's a legit 2016 candidate, but it ain't Scotty. He'll be more likely to not be Guv in Jan 2017 than to have any chance at prez.

Just wait for the budget numbers that come out in 2 weeks. Enough dopes may have voted for Walker (and barely 52% at that), but if you look at the exits, they didn't vote for his policies. See Bush, 2004

Anonymous said...

Amazing "winners and losers" article by Dan Bice today. Did you know John Chisholm is a loser because Walker being re-elected shows that Wisconsinites no longer want the John Doe investigation? I would say the JS is the loser with their front page hit piece full of lies on Mary Burke. I hope she sues them.

Sue said...

Anon@10:25, let's not forget that if the national media pulls a J-S and doesn't ask the questions, his primary opponents will. Remember the fun of the Republican presidential primaries?

Anonymous said...

I remember Rove during the 2012 election being so sure of a surge of voters that would lead to Romney winning. That surge never happened, later finding out someone was trying to hack the vote was stopped (anonymous maybe?) Something strange happened nationwide last night and it seems fishy. We don't know if turnout was down if votes flipped.