Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election results show Milwaukee County's political isolation

Remind me again why Milwaukee County is in a seven-county regional planning commission, (SEWRPC), with six counties - - though maybe Racine goes blue - - voting Republican? See the election map.

It's a case I've repeatedly made on this blog going back to 2008.

It's a policy and planning situation made worse by the newly-re-elected Walker's anti-Milwaukee/anti-urban/transit-hostile agenda, along with GOP assembly speaker Robin Vos' noise of late about cutting transit from the transportation budget and forcing it into competition with social services dollars (doomed to poor-people's disappearing funding).

While the transportation referendum approved Tuesday better guarantees that the GOP-connected highway lobby will get their money.

Doesn't sound like a development agenda to me, or one that is friendly to the region's cities with substantial numbers of out-of-work minority residents without cars.

The election Tuesday was disappointing and painful, and surely gives us new headaches, but it also gives us clarity and urgency for the work that needs to be done also on the old problems and short-comings which remain.

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Anonymous said...

Hi James, You're right that it was (and is) painful. I want to thank you for trying so hard these past weeks and months.