Saturday, November 1, 2014

Special-interest captive Scott Walker should point to himself

With, presumably, a straight face, Walker attacked Mary Burke today for being supported by "Washington-based special interests." That would be from unions, which have memberships, with elected leaders, etc.

Setting aside the irony that among Walker's biggest donors is the Washington, DC-based Republican Governors Association, that Walker pouted that its last $1 million dump was just chickenfeed, that state GOP leaders have been at Washington, DC-based fundraisers at the establishment lobbying firm led in part by long-time GOP power-broker Haley Barbour, who happens to be on the campaign trail with Walker as we speak...

I am still looking for the rest of that sentence from Walker, along the lines of 'while I love special interest help and money from CEO's and power-brokers in Kansas, West Virginia, Florida, Las Vegas, New York City... and just about everywhere else.

Seriously - - how do you run around the state with an insider like Haley Barbour and bad-mouth "Washington-based special interests" at the same time? 

About Barbour's firm:
BGR was founded in 1991 when Ed Rogers left the White House and joined his longtime political friend Haley Barbour in a new lobbying enterprise on New Hampshire Avenue. With Barbour's work in the Reagan White House, the two very quickly developed an Executive Branch-focused lobbying business. Following the 1992 elections, Lanny Griffith joined his fellow Mississippian Haley Barbour and Ed Rogers, his colleague from the Bush White House, to form the partnership that has undergone enormous change over the years but endures today as BGR Group.
Will any reporter today as Walker about it?

As I said earlier today - - when Walker speaks, look to the opposite for the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Are those "special interest" unions public employee unions, or private sector unions?

I'd understand public employee unions backing Mary Burke.