Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday's Wausau Daily Herald looks like a collector's item

If it made the print edition, maybe somebody can send a copy of Friday's Wausau Daily Herald (or maybe it ran in hard copy Saturday?) for my political memorabilia collection - - appropriately, it would be the Halloween edition and ever-so-full of campaigning tricks and treats - - because you will not find more hilariously funny and sadly ironic lines about and from clueless politicians in a single news story:

Start with the lede paragraph: 

With New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour standing by his side inside a sprawling Wausau Supply Co. manufacturing facility, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told a group of supporters Friday that he needed their votes to fight the "Washington-based special interests."
For those of you don't know, Barbour is one of the founders and partner at a leading insiders' Washington, DC-based lobbying firm, and that state GOP leaders have raised money there.

And also, did you know that Christie chairs the Washington, DC-based Republican Governors Association, Barbour is a former RGA chairman, that Walker, a former vice-chairman is on the executive committee, and that the DC-based group has made seven-figure donations to fund Walker's campaign?

The picture of Walker, Barbour and Christie in the Wausau Daily Herald is showing a DC-special interest road show reunion.

Then a few lines later there is this material from Christie - - who's still under investigation over 'BridgeGate' - - about Walker, who himself is facing an incompleted probe into possible state campaign law violations during his 2012 recall election campaign - - after having half-a-dozen staff aides and associates found guilty of crimes on his watch when he Milwaukee County Executive

Christie focused on the candidates, not the issues, in his speech in support of Walker. "We know there will be discussions on taxes, spending, job creation, education," Christie said. "Those are things you can predict. ... There are lots of things that happen when you're governor that you can't predict. ... It's about honesty and integrity."
Walker has those qualities, Christie said.  


Jim Limbach said...

1984 ''doublespeak' finally makes it to Wisconsin.

Boxer said...

" and that state GOP leaders have raised money there.. . . " [at Barbour and Assoc.]

Aren't the Barbour lobbying offices the scene of the sex crime where 'Handyman Bill' grabbed the breasts of a DC staffer and made lewd suggestions to her?

New slogan for Barbour and Assoc: Where Pickpocketing is Not a Crime, but Where Breastpocketing IS.'