Sunday, October 12, 2014

Under Walker, WI DNR ignores science, pollution and wildlife cruelty

Under Wrong-way Walker, unmonitored renegade sand mining has polluted rivers, human waste was allowed to contaminate farm fields virtually unpunished, other permit inspections have been reduced and the country's most violent, leg trap-and-dog-assisted-science-free wolf hunt has been introduced, abetted by a hunter-dominated 'advisory committee' cleansed of opponents and made cheaper by Walker with a 50% cut in the killing permit fee.

Here is one among many items on this blog highlighting the many-layered and anti-science environmental depredation underway in Wisconsin since Walker said he was putting the chamber of commerce mentality at the helm of the Department of Natural Resources.

As I'd noted in that posting, real scientists have come forward to say that the deliberate exclusion of science from the Wisconsin wolf hunt is such a threat to the species - - which was the goal from the beginning by the gun and bear-hunting lobbies that Walker has been serving for years - - that the hunt should be suspended before it begins next week:
Considering a corrupt delisting, poaching documented as 51 percent of all wolf mortality unreported by the DNR, natural mortalities inadequately reported, inevitable killing in hounding “training” year-round, and the hunt itself, it seems the DNR is manipulating mortality statistics to serve wolf-hater magical thinking.
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
That won't happen. The killing, principally with head shots to wolves caught in a leg trap, will run from October 15th into the winter after deer season closes.

That's when dogs - - only in Wisconsin, by the way - - will be let loose to chase, confront and battle with wolves before the so-called 'hounding' hunters dismount from their ATV's, track down their GPS-wired dogs and open fire on trapped wolves until 150 are 'harvested.'


Anonymous said...

This is the Walker mentality that he will abuse people or animals....whatever it takes to reward those who sponsor him and his Tea Party agenda. He cares nothing for anyone nor anything if it doesn't further his political ambitions. He is willing to sacrifice Wisconsin's resources and its economy to establish his Tea party right wing take no prisoners credentials. Should he be returned to office Wisconsin will be unrecognizable within even two years. The man is evil through and through but as long as he convinces many that one group is profiting at the others expense his divide and conquer governing is accepted!

Anonymous said...

As if we needed another reason to vote for Burke, the wolf "cull" is near the top of my list

Thanks for staying on this, Jim

Anonymous said...

Regarding dogs being used to hunt wolves: That is the outright stupidest idea ever. A wolf will kill a dog in an instant. In Alaska where people raise dog sled dogs, if at any time they find a wolf is in the area, they drop everything and hunt down that wolf and kill it because it will kill their dogs and their livelihood. People who live in the mountains in the lower 48 have the same view of wolves and the threat to their pet dogs. They kill the wolf or chase it out of the area. As for people getting paid to have their dogs killed by wolves, that too is the stupidest total waste of our tax dollars. Who's to say they don't have an old dog or one they can't train so they go out and get the dog killed by a wolf to get paid $2500 for the loss. That is an even more stupid law.