Saturday, October 18, 2014

WI environmentalists should go from green to red hot

We learned to our collective chagrin in last night's debate that the leading male faces of Milwaukee's commercial TV outlets would prefer exchanging sports banter to forcing a discussion about the state's damaged air, water and landscape - - so Wisconsin's environmental organizations and outspoken individuals should dominate media Monday with facts and commentary.

The debate was sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association - - founded in 1951 - - and apparently still stuck there, as it offered viewers an all-white, all-male panel on a set in Milwaukee, a city with majority-minority population.

An excellent exercise for activists and others interested in facts would be refuting Walker's preposterous claim last week that the environment is cleaner than it was when he took over.

Anyone living near an industrial-scale dairy, a 24-hour sand mine, a contaminated river or stream or a wetland damaged by an oil or gasoline pipeline break knows that the same Walker-installed the same chamber of commerce at the DNR is pulling the strings in the Legislature and with a Supreme Court majority, too.

And therefore knows that Walker's claim is fact-checkable, slam dunk whopper.

The debate panelists who thought they were on Sports Center, and others, might review one posting with ten links that can get the ball rolling by refuting Walker's claim.

Another good source of facts about such matters is the Walker Fail Files created by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

If there was ever a moment for a strong statement by a coalition of groups to communicate the faces about the state of the state's land, air and water, it's now.

More about this later today.

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