Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the WI campaign's last few days...

I would expect Walker to carpet bomb Mary Burke and your favorite TV shows' commercial breaks with negative ads. Ditto by the right-wing advocacy groups which have spent millions on the guy and will spend more.

Walker in the last few news cycles has tried to paper over his radical anti-abortion beliefs and even offered up an insincere mea culpa of sorts about the Act 10 bomb he dropped on public employees - - but that's all a diversion from what this frightened incumbent will do:

Saturate the air waves with every negative image and talking point and twisted phrase imaginable.

Were Walker to lose, it's seven years of planning and a Presidential fantasy down the drain.

Do not expect him or the far-right to go quietly.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully in their angst and hurry to try and bury Burke with lies and falsehoods they will slip up and make statements that the media will take them to task on. Walker has stalemated the media over the past 4 years but the media could take the next 3 weeks to show the public his non-answers to questions of importance in this election. HOPEFULLY THE MEDIA WOULD STAND TALL JUST ONCE!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Walker must have signaled Milwaukee Police and firefighters that he won't make Act 10 include them as they are endorsing Walker. One has to hold Madison firefighters in high esteem as they raised their fist against Walker during the Capitol protests. Obviously "divide and conquer" is alive and kicking at least for the police and firemen in Milwaukee. However when they get crapped on by their buddy we'll still stand with them and against the crapper even though we've been dumped on big time by this man!

Anonymous said...

I see Republicans bragging about a surplus in the state budget, which was released yesterday. I peeked at the report yesterday, and it seemed fishy to me. I wanted to see budgets from earlier years to see if whole categories had been dropped or something! Anyway, it was gratifying to read this analysis this morning:

The blogger above spotted in the report an attempt to mislead the public. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are more attempts to mislead in the report. At this point, I have very little trust of Walker.

The report is signed by Huebsch. Wasn't he mentioned in John Doe articles a while ago?

Anonymous said...

At the second debate, Friday 10/18, the panel just HAS to nail Walker on the "Personhood" legislation.

Will he sign it or not. Simple question.

His answer can ONLY be "Yes" or "No".

I hope they nail him on it and FORCE him to answer clearly.

dohnal said...

HIlarious column, the Left is far meaner.