Saturday, October 25, 2014

Big government Walkerites to build new palace, reward hand-picked developer

Kudos to the Cap Times' Mike Ivey for casting light on the big spenders from Scott Walker on down who want to hand pick a developer for a subsidized building boom principally on Madison's west side.

We first began hearing about this a year and a half ago when the project centered on building WisDOT a new Tower of Power.

Well, the Tower is still the key, replacing a perfectly decent building at Hill Farms - - but I guess WisDOT needs more space in which to plan more underused highway expansions while transit and social services statewide are starved.

The highway lobbyists would prefer nicer offices in which to keep their ball rolling. Power and privilege shall be served. With our money.

And, yes - - the planning to replace the WisDOT building began under the evil Jim Doyle, but Walker's people better not say that too loudly, since a) in their world, Doyle did nothing right, and b) Doyle's plan cost 25% of Walker's inflated public sector McMansion.

These hypocrites talk a good game about cutting spending, but put them in charge, and camouflage the bidding process and off to the races they go.

Everything gets nailed down Nov. 7th.

How convenient.

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Anonymous said...

Pure speculation but...Watch for MIG Commercial Real Estate out of Madison to bid and win on this. The owners are long time friends of Chief David Erwin, Capitol Police Chief, who may need a job after the election - or not. Dan Lonsgraf, Wayne Hutter and Bradley Hutter are all family. Shelly Hutter is one of Walker's body guards and is married to Dan Lonsgraf. Also, they own and manage the Dept of Corrections Admin. building. Dan Lonsgraf was passed over for head of the state patrol when Jeff Fitzgerald (Daddy Fitz) was hired for that job. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong if MIG wins this contract, just that I won't be that surprised.