Thursday, October 30, 2014

Burke critic's Facebook page shows extremist side

Dan Bice takes a look and reports these items in the lede:
A former Trek Bicycle executive alleging Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was fired from the firm has a Facebook page filled with postings that refer to President Barack Obama in crude terms, call the first lady a man and liken Obama's "hope and change" campaign slogan to a Nazi swastika.
So why was this source allowed to trip off a last-minute smear that is across all Wisconsin mainstream media? 


Anonymous said...

Aren't these Walker propagandists just the worst slime balls that exist. Neither Walker nor his campaign do anything to reign in these pieces of sh**!This governor doesn't care who he hurts or harms on his way to the top but there is no excuse for this late in the election smear campaign. His day is coming and no matter what the results are on Tuesday I think we should all resolve to take him down!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another day, another threat. Go fight ISIS where you can have real meaning.