Monday, October 13, 2014

AG GOP candidate Schimel might not enforce campaign collusion law

Though Schimel, the Waukesha County DA and cookie-cutter GOP right-winger, said in the Sunday night debate that Democratic AG candidate Susan Happ was wrong for stating she would not defend the voter ID law, for example.

So he called out Happ - - the Jefferson County DA - - but then waffled on whether he might do the very same sort of thing - - and, not coincidentally, picked a campaign finance law he might not enforce that threatens Gov. Walker.

How situational and partisan are those ethical apples - - and he already gave a pass to a couple of other bad GOP apples.

In other words - - Schimel lacks Happ's candor - - but goes ahead and condemns hers.

Has there even been a candidate for the so-called State Top Cop position who signaled "Olly Olly Oxen Free" to a single person - - the sitting Governor, of the same party, perhaps poised to run for President?

That's weak and beyond laughably hypocritical.

Schimel disqualified himself Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

It is beyond amazing how these Republican candidates can throw crap all over their opponent but fail to even smell the crap that they wallow in when discussing their own policies and pledges .I have never seen candidate positions that are so removed from the mainstream of Wisconsin's voters.

Boxer said...

Schimel definitely has some weird ideas about who he can and cannot prosecute. The state of Wisconsin will not benefit from Bradley's strange sense of right and wrong. Ddon't vote for him.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Schimel was disqualified well before that statement.

And oh yeah, about the righties' complaints that Happ was the unethical one? The Office of Lawyer Regulation just cleared Happ of any wrongdoing and said she acted above-board.

It's ALWAYS PROJECTION when GOPs complain about Dems. Always.