Friday, October 31, 2014

Republicans have a new meme: they're not scientists

They think it helps them wiggle out of the political consequences of their climate change denial, but they still like playing doctor and deciding which medical procedures women must have - - ultrasounds - - and which procedures they may not have - - legal abortions.

In Dr. Walker's case, add mandatory drug testing for food stamp recipients.

Paul Ryan, the noted urban sociologist from Janesville and heavily-white Virginia suburbia, is particularly expert in "inner city"life.

And family-free, inveterate bachelor Glenn Grothman is an expert in family dynamics.

In other words, these Republicans have only ideology, and so little technical expertise that Scott Walker apparently didn't notice the presence of another Internet account when he was online, on the phone or walking down the hall in his Milwaukee County Executive office.


Betsey said...

Well noted, friend James.

nonquixote said...

Had to blink and re-read, first pass had me seeing "invertebrate bachelor" prior to the name Glenn Grothman. ;)

Anonymous said...

Then STFU about Ebola. You morons can't have it both ways. Either you are or you aren't scientists.