Thursday, October 23, 2014

In Wisconsin, we have judge shopping, and then some

The Racine Journal Times makes a strong editorial argument against judge shopping. The specific case the editorial referenced had to do with a conservative political group finessing filing paperwork to get its case before its preferred judge - - US District Court Judge Rudolph Randa.

And props to the Madison Capital Times for leading its state debate roundup today with the Racine paper's editorial and crediting the Journal Sentinel for first reporting the machinations that got the group before Randa.

Call it a mainstream media Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

I'd add that Wisconsin also faces a justice fairness problem larger than judge shopping: the long-term leasing through millions of big business dollars in donations of a majority's biases on the State Supreme Court.

It reflects what US Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently called the anti-democratic rigged political game, which I'd analyzed a few days ago citing the state supreme court majority's ties to big business.

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Anonymous said...

And to top it all off, Rick Esenberg (and others?) of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed a proposed amicus brief yesterday:

I'm no lawyer, but it rather looks as if they are also hoping to benefit from Judge Randa's largesse.