Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another theory about Walker's weird, fresh attack on Madison

While it sure does look like a classic case of projection - - after having delivered a sneak (Act 10) attack on state employees, Walker is now attacking Madison for allegedly being angry! - - it may be that after tossing out in the second debate with Mary Burke that faux 'I love kids love to go Bucks' games' paean, Walker can't dump on Milwaukee the way he did right before the recall election when he warned upscale Waukesha County exurbanites that his defeat would turn Wisconsin into "another Milwaukee."

So needing a target to run up his base's fear factor, he just swapped Milwaukee for Madison on the eve of this election.

Welcome to the Walker spin-and-grind machine, Madison.



Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's transparent flailing, and he's earned every ounce of hate we have for him here.

But who is this strategy going to work on that isn't already voting for Walker? And is ripping on the fastest-growing city and county in the state really a smart strategy of you're "Open for business?"

Gareth said...

Hating on Madison has been a staple of Republican politics as long as I can remember. When working for the state I could tell that campaign season was rolling around by the level of telephone vitriol I received. Some people called up just to scream incoherently about cleaning out all the dirty-rotten commie bastards in Madison. The day after the election it was as though someone turned off the hate faucet and folks were civil again. Politics is anything but rational.

CJ said...

Angry with Walker? No.

Disgusted? Yes.