Monday, October 20, 2014

National media again fail to report Walker's Tea Party identity

A major piece in The New York Times today about Scott Walker's re-election campaign and possible Presidential run fails to note Walker's published claim to be "the original Tea Party in Wisconsin."

Very disappointing - - and continuing a failure by leading media to report on Walker's political origins:
Number of days since it was reported by that Scott Walker and fourteen others met "along the shores of Lake Michigan" in 2007 to plot the takeover of Wisconsin. 211. 220. 226. 
Number of the other fourteen people at the meeting who have also been identified. 0. 
Number of organizations represented at the meeting which have also been identified. 0. 
Number of mainstream Wisconsin media who appear to be covering the story. 0. 
Number of references to the meeting in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's 2014 just-published and definitive profile of Walker's career and ascension to power. 0.
All adding to a reader's perception that the game is indeed rigged.

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Anonymous said...

Do we have anyone doing journalism in this country? If you think about who benefits when we have a moron like Walker in office, it is the media. The JS, our big media in Wisconsin, has been supporting Walker all along. Politifact cuts Walker so much slack it is truly disgusting. Maybe all the media really wants is a dough head so we constantly have strife.
Heck, look where the media criticized Burke in the first debate, she hesitated to say something positive about Walker. The media wants one thing, and that is chaos. Well guess what, we got it.