Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'Coordinating' is Walker's Achilles' Heel, yet now says others are doing it to him

Wrong-Way Walker has earned that sobriquet, especially when he proves he is not the smartest guy in the room.

Like when became the guy who ran for Governor in 2010 on a stupid, unforced failed-and-broken 250,000 new-jobs-promise, and still isn't halfway to that total while neighboring states are leaving Wisconsin behind.

The same guy who got caught benefiting from a secret $700,000 donation routed from a well-connected mining company to his 2012 recall campaign by a third party group with which his campaign was not supposed to be coordinating such things.

And speaking of coordinating…

Walker has been dogged for months by a potentially career-ending scandal over possibly illegal coordinating with third party groups that state law says are supposed to remain independent of direct work with campaigns.

You'd think Walker and his allies would be the last politicos who'd throw the coordinating term around.

So yesterday - - when previously-sealed Milwaukee County documents surfaced that proved Walker campaign people had been coordinating official Milwaukee County staff communications after The Milwaukee Journal asked if such coordinating had taken place - - Walker and his allied GOP operatives rushed out to complain, with no facts to back it up, that the release of the damning documents had been...wait for it…coordinated between Mary Burke's campaign and the office of Milwaukee County Chris Abele:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin said it filed an open-records request with Abele's office Tuesday, calling the release a "slimy political stunt" involving "directly coordinating messaging" between Abele's office and the campaign of Democrat Mary Burke. 
So take that, coordination accusanistas: the Walkerites' just showed that without any proof they will throw around the charge that only reminds voters why we've been hearing about coordination of late.

Suggesting a lack of internal coordination up and down the line at Team Walker.


kjbe said...

They're projecting.

Anonymous said...

When one wallows in crap rather than being accountable for the stench it has become common practice for Walker and friends to claim that the opposition threw the crap on them and that they were always clean until this incident! Sadly half of Wisconsin finds nothing wrong with this.

Sue said...

I can't remember, which hand-picked judge ruled that coordination was legal and actually pretty cool? Was that Randa?
Whether Dems coordinated or not, no point in crying foul at this stage of the game. If it's legal for you, it's legal for your opponents.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

They're ALWAYS projecting.