Monday, October 20, 2014

Schimel joins Walker, talkers who disparage fast-food workers

Right-wingers really misunderstand the fast food workers they despise.

Elitist 620 WTMJ-AM talk show hosts love to mock them.

Gov. Walker and former teen worker at a McDonald's has prevented them from earning them more than $7.25 an hour.

Now Republican Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel thinks fast food workers should get a real job - - apparently thinking they are still like Walker-era high schoolers - - but Schimel fails to understand that a majority are adults - - noted here - - trying to make ends meet, feed their kids or hang on in state where politicians like Walker and private sector 'job-creators' [Sic] like his donors at the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity have failed to do their jobs.

And does the Wisconsin Restaurant Association - - after having endorsed Schimel - - know that he doesn't think fast-food restaurant staff are engaging in "real" work?

Talk about who should get a real job.

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